Deposits / Appointments

How do deposits work?
Deposits work as a placeholder to guarantee your appointment date. Unless doing a walk in, all appointments require deposits. Deposit amounts vary by artist but are generally between $20 - $50. Deposits are non refundable. Deposits may be transferable if rescheduling with advance notice; they are generally forfeit on reschedules within 24 hours of the appointment date, although this can vary by artist so make sure to ask about their individual policy. Deposits are included in the total cost of a tattoo and are subtracted from your last tattoo session.

What are drawing fees?
Drawing fees function similarly to deposits as a way to hold your appointment date; you will usually be charged either a drawing fee or a deposit; occasionally for very large work you may be charged both. Drawing fees are uncommon for smaller, simpler pieces; they are generally used in the case of larger, more involved work that will require significant time for your artist to design. Your artist will discuss whether or not there will be a drawing fee with you before you book the appointment. Drawing fees are not refundable and are not subtracted from the final cost of your tattoo. The cost of a small drawing fee is usually the same price as an artist’s deposit and in the case of more extensive work may be charged at an hourly rate.

How are prices for tattoos calculated?
Tattoo prices are based on how long a tattoo takes to complete multiplied by the artist’s hourly rate; generally there is no charge for a reasonable amount of small break sessions and set up for a tattoo. The shop minimum charge is $60 on all areas of the body except for hands, feet, neck, faces, and genitals which all have a $100 minimum. On smaller pieces an artist may be able to give you a final price for the piece before you begin. Large, multiple session pieces are usually charged at an hourly rate, although your artist should be able to give you a time range estimate. If you have a budget you need to stay within for your tattoo it is a good idea to make your artist aware of this so they can design the tattoo to fit your needs.

What is standard tipping etiquette for getting a tattoo? 
Tipping is a lovely way to show appreciation to your artist but never required. Creative tips such as cookies or other fun stuff are awesome and are also a really fun way to say thanks.  Standard tipping is similar to that of any service industry profession.

* Lifetime Tattoos, reserves the right to refuse service, to anyone at anytime, for any reason.

                                                        Before your Appointment

We want your tattoo experience to be as enjoyable as possible, and there are lots of things you can do to help make the process easier on yourself.

Here is a short list:
1. Be as well rested as possible.
2. Be well hydrated.
3. Be well fed. Eating a large, solid meal before getting tattooed is very helpful.
4. Don’t drink or party hard the night before. We will not tattoo you if you are under the influence of any kind.
5. Don’t be drunk or on drugs prescribed or otherwise. Please disclose any medication you are on to your artist before the tattoo. 
6. Dress comfortably.
7. Bring a care kit for yourself of snacks, something to drink, and maybe a small jacket in case you get cold. While bringing a friend is okay, we highly encourage you limit it to one, and all people in our procedure area must be over 18 years of age.  

We do not provide child care.